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IE9 Drops Suppost for Flash

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

It’s official, Flash is dead! Microsoft have effective killed it by siding with Apple, and dropping support for Flash video in its new, soon-to-be-released browser, IE9 (

Along with Apples iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices, this has effectively made Flash a technology without the vast majority support it has relied on to dominate the web video market.

So will we mourn it’s loss? Well I’m sure Adobe are in crisis, but the ones I feel most sorry for are the Flash and Flex developers, who are now in a position that they are likely to have to retrain fast. As for the technology, it seems like flash was becoming an unacceptable combination of security nightmare, resource hog and accessibility nightmare.

There are many clouds in this silver lining though. Many sites will now need to start shifting over to html5, css3 and javascript rather than using flash. This gives an opportunity for designers and developers to have massive increase development over the next few month to a year.

The other upside is of coarse the possibility that Flash is the killer app., and that lack of support in IE9 will finally drive people to Firefox and other alternative browsers. My feeling is though that this is just the start and we’ll now see other browsers following suit.

What are your thoughts? Do you a Flash site that you feel can only be made with Flash, or are you happy to let it go?

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