Why Us?

There are lots of SEO and internet marketing firms out there, so why would you choose us?

The simple answer is that our background is traditional marketing working for medium sized companies that need a real return on investment. We are not looking to just drive traffic to your site, but to increase your business. That is why we are using the term ‘Web Experience Optimisation' (WEO) rather than internet marketing.

Did you know that: -

  • Over 50% of all enquiries sent from websites remain unanswered after a week?
  • We increased the enquiry rate by 250% on one website we worked on by making simple changes to an enquiry form.

That is why SEO isn’t enough, for more business you need to drive traffic to your site, convert that traffic into customers, and handling the resultant orders or enquiries promptly and efficiently.

We look at SEO, SEM, e-marketing, usability and back end system optimisation to ensure that your websites returns are maximised.

To see how we do it in our what we do page.