B2B Websites

In the B2B marketing world web experience optimisation is particularly important. Typically once you have attracted a customer you want to keep them for as long as possible to maximise the 'customer lifetime value'.

Optimising your site can make sure your customers get what they need, when they need it, and allow them to contact you when they need to do that too.

You can: -

  1. If your system is optimised, you stand more chance on getting specified or getting first bite at an order.
  2. Reduce the load on you and on internal sales, whilst at the same time making customers happier. By providing easy to find information on a product or service on your website, you will reduce the calls asking for that information. Even better, if you are getting requests, feed that back into to system so that appropriate content can be made live and/or navigation tweaked to make it easier to find.
  3. End users are coming back to manufacturers more and more for information. You have probably done this yourself. If you go in to an electrical store usually the salesperson doesn’t have a clue about the products you are looking at, so what do you do? Jump on the web and look at the manufacturers website. If that website is easy to find, convincing and provides the information you want quickly and easily, chances are that is the product the client will buy. You may even be able to drive clients back to the suppliers, which will keep them even happier.
  4. Make sure your business customers come back byt giving them quick and easy access to what they want. A well designed site will be used in preference to a poor site with all else being equal.

By optimising your website, you will drive sales through your end-users as well as attracting more business customers.

Example Site

B&R Enclosures are Australia's largest amnufacturer of electrical enclosures, switchboard building systems, racks and cabinets.

Webxopt have helped B&R to get more enquiries and improve the user experience of their site. In an ongoing project the B&R website has become the companies 3rd channel to market, and is seen as being increasing important to do business in todays environment.

Link to B&R Enclosures site